We all benefit from the Americans With Disabilities Act

Six weeks ago, I traded in my hiking boots for a walking cast when I fractured my right ankle. A glorious hiking season came to an abrupt end with one quick fall on a hiking trail. Thankfully, the fracture wasn't severe. I'm now in the process of transitioning out of the walking cast and set... Continue Reading →


  The fitness industry must be booming. There are six fitness facilities within a mile of my home--more if you include yoga, martial arts, and other specialty studios. I'm glad that people care about their health and well being, but I don't relate to going to the gym for a workout.¬†Why spend time indoors spinning... Continue Reading →

In My Hood

Neighborhood walks are mini explorations. They are opportunities to see your neighbors, discover changes or something new, and to get outside and move your body. My recent neighborhood walk yielded these gems: What little gems have you discovered on a neighborhood exploration?

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