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In Between: Next Chapter

Life Chapter QuoteI found myself in between life chapters when my job of 20 years ended last December. Happily, I’m about to begin a new chapter when I start my new job next week.

We leave some things behind when we close one chapter to start a new one. Like a book, some lovable characters, favorite haunts and familiar routines from the previous chapter may not carry forward to the next one. It can feel sad and scary to leave the familiar behind.

But we must close the chapter and move to the next one if we are ever to finish the book.

As my career of two decades drew to its conclusion, I bid farewell to colleagues, volunteers and acquaintances, realizing that many of them would not continue into the next chapter. I gave myself some time to pause and reflect on the end of my job and the end of my organization as I knew it (it was merged into a larger one), to re-read that chapter of my life.

But I am finished with that chapter and ready for the next one to unfold. New characters will be introduced and some old favorites will return. The setting will change and the plot will twist as it follows the mission of my new organization.

So the story will continue.


In Between: Looking For a Job is a Full Time Job

I am between jobs and I am busy looking for my next workplace home. One thing I can tell you: The job search is a full time job.

I spend hours every day surfing career websites and networking with people in search of job leads. When I find something that could be a good fit, I tweak my resume, write my cover letter, supply any additional information requested, and press Send. Continue reading

In Between: Solitude

Solitude, the state of being alone, can be a treasure or a torment.

A few months ago, my days were filled with human interaction, juggling priorities, and deadlines associated with work. Solitude was a rare jewel. Today, after a layoff, I spend hours alone researching employers and scanning dozens of job announcements in hopes of finding a few relevant positions to apply for. Solitude is a guest who has overstayed its welcome. Continue reading