The seasons, they are a’changing

After a busy week of work, I escaped the urban hubbub for a quiet afternoon ski in the mountains. Winter wonderland! Or so I thought. Yes, there was still plenty of snow and clouds clung to the surrounding peaks. But there were small, but vivid, signs that winter had given notice to vacate and spring... Continue Reading →


Cycling Old Blewett Highway

  Old Blewett Highway is a great break from the urban streets that I am accustomed to riding around Seattle. It has almost no traffic, beautiful scenery and offers a great nature fix. It's roads like this that I enjoy bicycling. Before the faster and modern Highway 97 was built in the 1960s, Old Blewett... Continue Reading →

The Columbia River Gorge explodes with color in the spring when the wildflowers bloom. Hillsides, like this one at Tom McCall Preserve in Oregon, turn golden with balsam root. The best way to experience wildflowers is to hike among them. I wandered high up on the hillside, taking in views of the dramatic landscape. Roll... Continue Reading →

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