There was enough blue sky on Sunday afternoon to knit a cat a pair of britches, so I embraced the day with a bike ride through nearby neighborhoods. I pedaled through South Park and Georgetown, where I made a stop at Oxbow Park. Nestled in the residential part of the neighborhood, Oxbow Park... Continue Reading →


The Aimless Bike Ride

We live in a society that values productivity and achieving goals. ¬†Work hard, play hard. Worthy attainments, yes. But sometimes overrated in my opinion. My idea of a full and productive life includes ample amounts of unplanned time. This free time allows me to be spontaneous in joining friends at the last minute for an... Continue Reading →

In My Hood

Neighborhood walks are mini explorations. They are opportunities to see your neighbors, discover changes or something new, and to get outside and move your body. My recent neighborhood walk yielded these gems: What little gems have you discovered on a neighborhood exploration?

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