Often, it's the small things in life that are the sweetest. Like my neighbor's furbaby kitten. Or a chance encounter in the supermarket checkout line with a former colleague I haven't seen in 10+ years. There's also the quiet afternoon of reading on a rainy day. Or a spontaneous happy hour date with my sweetie.... Continue Reading →


Two days ago it was summer, sunny and 92 degrees. We went for an after work swim in the lake. Yesterday it was fall, breezy and 70 degrees. We harvested the onions from the garden. The in-between season has arrived. Summer has given its notice to vacate and fall is preparing to move in. The... Continue Reading →

That swimsuit I've been coveting in the Title Nine catalogue:  $90 Stand Up Paddle Board lesson:  $70 Weekend on Olympic Peninsula in ocean view cabin:  $480 Fresh picked blueberries from the garden:  Priceless Yes, it's summer.

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