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Two days ago it was summer, sunny and 92 degrees. We went for an after work swim in the lake. Yesterday it was fall, breezy and 70 degrees. We harvested the onions from the garden.

The in-between season has arrived. Summer has given its notice to vacate and fall is preparing to move in. The signs are everywhere. Some are subtle hints while others are in-your-face obvious.

Subtle signs:

  • Color shift. Nature is gently shifting from green to gold. Trees that were a Kodachrome green a month ago now have some golden tints.
  • Fewer hummingbirds. My fuschia plants attract hummingbirds throughout the summer. Visits by these little birds have dropped in recent weeks.
  • Less garden produce. Our garden is in transition as we tear out summer crops to make room for some winter ones. The winter garden will be smaller and we’ll rest some beds.

Obvious signs:

  • Less daylight. The time between sunrise and sunset is shrinking.
  • Parks and beaches are less crowded. The weather is till pleasant but fewer people are flocking to local parks, beaches and trails.
  • Back to School. Families with kids are busy preparing for the start of the new school year. Retailers are holding Back to School sales.

What signs have you noticed of summer’s impending departure and fall’s arrival?




Welcome to Summer!


That swimsuit I’ve been coveting in the Title Nine catalogue:  $90

Stand Up Paddle Board lesson:  $70

Weekend on Olympic Peninsula in ocean view cabin:  $480

Fresh picked blueberries from the garden:  Priceless

Yes, it’s summer.


February 25, 2016

Night is turning to day earlier now and the birds wake me up. The temperature is mild at 45 degrees, so I drink my coffee on the deck. The air is moist and coats objects with its wetness.

I stroll around the yard and through the garden, marveling at how quickly weeds move in. This is the spot. I crouch and clear some weeds. There it is–a rhubarb leaf. I pull the rest of the weeds around it, giving it room to grow.

Spring is here.Rhubarb sprout