The fitness industry must be booming. There are six fitness facilities within a mile of my home--more if you include yoga, martial arts, and other specialty studios. I'm glad that people care about their health and well being, but I don't relate to going to the gym for a workout. Why spend time indoors spinning... Continue Reading →


The Aimless Bike Ride

We live in a society that values productivity and achieving goals.  Work hard, play hard. Worthy attainments, yes. But sometimes overrated in my opinion. My idea of a full and productive life includes ample amounts of unplanned time. This free time allows me to be spontaneous in joining friends at the last minute for an... Continue Reading →

Searching for John McGraw

Our quest was over. After a few twists and a wrong turn, we found John McGraw, Washington's second governor, gently tucked away in an evergreen bush on a Seattle hilltop neighborhood. In a cemetery. Inside a letterbox. My friend JH had just introduced me to a hide-and-seek activity known as letterboxing. Armed with a set of clues provided... Continue Reading →

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