Today I picked the last of the green beans off the vine. It's the latest harvest of beans we have had from our garden. Ever. We've been blessed with some amazing garden harvests this year. We picked a record number of tomatoes that we will enjoy into next spring. This year's bean crop is right... Continue Reading →


Downsizing our library to reclaim space

I enjoy reading. Mostly I read books and e-books borrowed from my public library, but I also haunt used book stores and little free libraries. Over time our spare room overflowed with books. Yesterday we waged a campaign to reclaim our space. The bookcase was crammed full and the floor was littered with paperbacks and... Continue Reading →

Meet my BFF: America the Beautiful Pass

If you're an outdoors person and regularly use our wonderful federal lands for recreation and exploration, then you are probably familiar with the America the Beautiful pass. For $80, this annual pass gives the holder recreational access to public lands managed by the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish... Continue Reading →

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