Last Ride on the Viaduct

It was a dark, rainy morning commute riding the bus into downtown. A pretty typical winter commute in Seattle--except for one thing. It was my last ride on the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Last night Washington State Department of Transportation closed the venerable structure forever and soon it will be torn down. How I navigate this... Continue Reading →

Building community through a garage sale

What if a neighborhood got together and threw a gigantic garage sale? Would folks come out for it? The answer is YES. My West Seattle neighborhood does this annually each May and this was the 14th year for the event. It's organized by the good people at the West Seattle Blog and this year  there... Continue Reading →

Bike up!

In urban, traffic-gridlocked Seattle many folks (me included) often opt to move around the city by bike. The Fremont Bridge, a drawbridge spanning the Lake Washington Ship Canal, is a bicycle thoroughfare. It links Fremont and other North Seattle neighborhoods to Queen Anne, South Lake Union and downtown. It connects the Burke-Gilman Trail, which parallels... Continue Reading →

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