Building community through a garage sale

What if a neighborhood got together and threw a gigantic garage sale? Would folks come out for it? The answer is YES. My West Seattle neighborhood does this annually each May and this was the 14th year for the event. It's organized by the good people at the West Seattle Blog and this year  there... Continue Reading →


My bus commute

I love living in Seattle but I despise driving in traffic. And Seattle has traffic. Lots of traffic. Luckily, I seldom join the ranks of daily commuters who drive to work. My current work arrangement brings me into an office two or three days each week. I drive to one site but it's a reverse... Continue Reading →

Bike up!

In urban, traffic-gridlocked Seattle many folks (me included) often opt to move around the city by bike. The Fremont Bridge, a drawbridge spanning the Lake Washington Ship Canal, is a bicycle thoroughfare. It links Fremont and other North Seattle neighborhoods to Queen Anne, South Lake Union and downtown. It connects the Burke-Gilman Trail, which parallels... Continue Reading →

Mother Nature forces us to take a break from work and politics

Today Mother Nature gave us a snow day in Seattle. It was a much needed respite from the political havoc that has descended upon this nation since the transition to a Republican administration. For at least a few hours, many Seattleites opted to shun news, social media and work to play in the snow. Instead of... Continue Reading →

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