Tis the season. The haunting season.

Halloween seemed like a much simpler celebration when I was kid. My mom sat down at her Singer sewing machine and created a cat costume or transformed a pillow case into a pirate's tunic for me to wear for trick or treat.┬áNeighbors turned on their porch light or lit a jack-o'-lantern to welcome trick or... Continue Reading →

Bartering is alive and well

When you were a kid, did you trade the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your sack lunch for someone else's baloney sandwich? Or maybe you agreed to do a house chore for your older sister in exchange for riding her bike. When I was a starving college student, I agreed to do a fellow... Continue Reading →

Mother Nature forces us to take a break from work and politics

Today Mother Nature gave us a snow day in Seattle.┬áIt was a much needed respite from the political havoc that has descended upon this nation since the transition to a Republican administration. For at least a few hours, many Seattleites opted to shun news, social media and work to play in the snow. Instead of... Continue Reading →

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