Flora’s Mixing Bowl

Today is Valentine's Day and I want to share a story about love. I love pie. My partner Steve loves pie and he bakes them exquisitely. I also love Steve. But this story of love can be traced back to the mixing bowl in the photograph. This old bowl belonged to Steve's grandma Flora. She... Continue Reading →

Today I picked the last of the green beans off the vine. It's the latest harvest of beans we have had from our garden. Ever. We've been blessed with some amazing garden harvests this year. We picked a record number of tomatoes that we will enjoy into next spring. This year's bean crop is right... Continue Reading →

Often, it's the small things in life that are the sweetest. Like my neighbor's furbaby kitten. Or a chance encounter in the supermarket checkout line with a former colleague I haven't seen in 10+ years. There's also the quiet afternoon of reading on a rainy day. Or a spontaneous happy hour date with my sweetie.... Continue Reading →

Need some inspiration? Look down at your feet. While exploring nooks and crannies in my Seattle neighborhood, I recently discovered this mosaic gem in a nearby pocket park. Its rich colors and uncomplicated design captured my attention and I had to photograph it. We are surrounded by inspiration if we look for it. Look up.... Continue Reading →

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