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The perfect pour


Is there anything more satisfying than an expertly poured cup of coffee?

It begins with the whirring of fresh roasted coffee beans in the grinder. The finely ground coffee is tamped down and brewed into two dark, rich shots of espresso. The espresso is mixed with steamed soy milk then poured into a ceramic cup. The barista creatively adds his artful signature in the foam.

I sit by the window and sip this coffee masterpiece, close my eyes and sigh, “Ahhh.”

Satisfaction achieved!


Alki low tide (2)

You can usually find me in the mountains on a warm sunny weekend, but not this past one. Home projects kept me in town. I took a break from house painting Sunday afternoon to explore Alki beach at low tide.

Sunday’s low tide at Alki was -3.2 feet, making it possible to walk around the lighthouse point, peek into tide pools and discover aquatic gems usually hidden by Puget Sound waters. It’s a reminder that some of the best things in life are right in my neighborhood.

For the Love of Pie

Huckleberry pieDuring the first month of our budding relationship, my partner Steve did the most amazing thing: he baked a pie for me. The deal was sealed and I was in love! The man had found the key to my heart.

Steve is an accomplished pie master, learning his craft from his father. His wild huckleberry pie is legendary at a local charity auction, earning the nonprofit a thousand dollars or more each year. All of his pies, from a birthday for me to the highly prized auction pie, begin in the same fashion. They are prepared from scratch in an old mixing bowl Steve inherited from his grandmother Flora (she baked pies too). Continue reading

Searching for John McGraw


JH holds the letterbox that we found in a Seattle cemetery.

Our quest was over. After a few twists and a wrong turn, we found John McGraw, Washington’s second governor, gently tucked away in an evergreen bush on a Seattle hilltop neighborhood. In a cemetery. Inside a letterbox.

My friend JH had just introduced me to a hide-and-seek activity known as letterboxing. Armed with a set of clues provided by the individual who planted the box, we arrived at the cemetery ready to search for John McGraw. We located some grave markers mentioned in the clues then followed a hedgerow until we spotted the bush. Continue reading

Take a Book, Return a Book


Seattle’s drippy winter weather and gray days encourage the populace to cuddle up with a book (or reading device) and read. And we Seattleites like to read. Our city consistently makes the short lists of Most Read Cities, Most Literate Cities, etc. We have a top-notch public library system and numerous book stores to feed our reading habit. Many of my friends belong to book clubs. Book Lust author and former librarian Nancy Pearl makes her home in Seattle.

It should come as no surprise then at the popularity of the Little Free Library in our region.

Continue reading