Hing Hay Park appeals to me in so many ways. A fusion of languages. East meets West. Old World merges with New World. Active and passive space. Welcoming. Having grown up with two cultures--Japanese and American--this park is special to me. I see faces that remind me of my mother, her family and friends. I... Continue Reading →


Work is where my laptop is

I'm employed as a communications specialist by a large human services organization. Each week, I spend a day or two working in a field office with program staff and a day at our administrative office. At both locations, I share desk space with other staff and I'm not actually in an office (imagine a cubicle... Continue Reading →

The seasons collided today in Seattle. Fall met winter on this blustery, in-between day as autumn leaves got pelted by snow and rain. The unsettled weather made for a great urban walkabout and I captured a snippet of it in this Instagram video.

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