Tis the season. The haunting season.

RIP HalloweenHalloween seemed like a much simpler celebration when I was kid.

My mom sat down at her Singer sewing machine and created a cat costume or transformed a pillow case into a pirate’s tunic for me to wear for trick or treat. Neighbors turned on their porch light or lit a jack-o’-lantern to welcome trick or treaters. Treats were mostly store bought candy, but it was okay to hand out home baked goodies or homemade caramel apples.

Fast forward to today. We Americans have taken Halloween to another level. Homemade treats are frowned upon by parents. Most won’t let their kiddos eat them. You better stick to individually packaged candy purchased from the store.

Homemade costumes are a rarity as well. Today’s trick or treater is fashionably attired in an outfit purchased from retailers like Value Village or Amazon online. There’s a good chance that mom or dad will be in costume as well. And the family dog.

Halloween has been elevated to a season of its own. My neighbors decorate their homes and set up elaborate lawn displays complete with blow up witches, skeletons and tombstones. And these decorations go up weeks before Halloween night.

I confess that I enjoy walking around my neighborhood in the evening to view all the Halloween finery. Here’s one that I like. It reminds me of a Christmas display except it’s not. This photo was taken on a foggy evening, adding to that haunting Halloween holiday ambiance.


In contrast, our Halloween home display is a lighted plastic pumpkin that we set by our porch steps about fifteen minutes before the start of trick or treat. But we splurge on the treats, handing out full size candy bars. It made these trick or treaters happy!


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  1. Haul out the recycled cardboard and get the roll of aluminum foil from the kitchen, it’s homemade costumes all the way in our household! In my very humble opinion it’s positively half the fun of Halloween- snooping around the house cobbling together props. Our boys are quite impressed by some of the amazing fancy-dancy store-bought costumes you see on Halloween night, don’t get me wrong. But they don’t exactly “get” them. They’re a strange end-around to the fun……

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