Downsizing our library to reclaim space


I enjoy reading. Mostly I read books and e-books borrowed from my public library, but I also haunt used book stores and little free libraries. Over time our spare room overflowed with books.

Yesterday we waged a campaign to reclaim our space. The bookcase was crammed full and the floor was littered with paperbacks and hardbacks. After carefully sorting through each item, we removed 27 titles from our collection.

Now it was time to put these literary jewels back into circulation. It was time to restock the many little free libraries scattered around our neighborhood!

return-a-bookTwenty-seven books are heavy so Steve offered to help me return our overdue reading collection. We agreed to deliver the books by bike so we stuffed our rear panniers with volumes and away we pedaled.

Seattleites like to read and our neighborhood has an abundance of little free libraries. Remaining in a two-mile radius of our house, we deposited our 27 books in ten locations. More important, we managed to return home with only two newly borrowed items. Success!

7 thoughts on “Downsizing our library to reclaim space

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  1. I totally understand. When we left Saipan and moved to Japan I had to leave behind a ton of books. I’m happy to say that ….I’m slowly collecting it back again….lol. I am also a book lover.

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  2. My family and I’ve LOVED Little Free Libraries for a long time and you two were like the toothfairies riding around on your bikes with all those wonderful books to share (a good reminder for us to do the same, pretty soon)! I couldn’t help but look up Floyd Schmoe (because I’m so often surprised and delighted by the little unknown treasures which come off The Mountaineers’ press) and ended up reading a bit of the fascinating, rich biography of him on HistoryLink……

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