Too many tomatoes


Can there be such a thing as too many tomatoes? This year. In our garden. Yes.

But we’ve risen to the challenge! Here are four things we are doing with our abundant urban crop:

Marinara sauce. We’ve cooked and frozen 20 portions (each portion serves two hungry adults) of marinara sauce, and we’ll do more. We use a ton of this stuff throughout the year. This sauce is delicious over pasta, zucchini, mixed into soups, used as a pizza sauce, and much more.

Fresh salsa. This is another tasty way to use tomatoes and it’s great to eat on those hot summer days. Homemade salsa and chips are always a welcome dish to share at picnics, potlucks and other events where you must bring a food item that will feed others.

img_3036Dried tomatoes. Dehydrating tomatoes is another way to extend their use into the future. This is also something that we rely on having throughout the year. We use dehydrated tomatoes in soups, homemade salad dressings, camping and backpacking meals, to name a few.

Sharing them. We frequently share our harvest with our neighbors (see my post on bartering). They’re grateful to receive fresh produce from our garden and we always get something wonderful in return.

We still have more tomatoes on the vine to harvest. What do you do with your bumper crop?


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