Meet my BFF: America the Beautiful Pass

Louise - Mt Rainier

If you’re an outdoors person and regularly use our wonderful federal lands for recreation and exploration, then you are probably familiar with the America the Beautiful pass. For $80, this annual pass gives the holder recreational access to public lands managed by the National Park Service, US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Reclamation and US Army Corps of Engineers. What a deal!

Well that deal became even sweeter for me this year. I visited Mount Rainier National Park a couple of weeks ago to purchase my pass and do some hiking. This is the last time I have to pay $80 for my pass. Since I turned 62 this year, I was issued a senior pass which lasts my lifetime. Pretty sweet, eh?

I can’t wait to explore new parks and revisit old favorites with my BFF. With over 400 national park sites (national parks, monuments, historic sites, seashores, battlefields, and more), it can feel a bit daunting figuring out where to go.

But never fear! There’s an online tool that can help me (and you!) find my park. It’s called Find Your Park. Check it out.

What’s your park?

NPS maps

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  1. Thanks for the link, Louise. My husband got a pass when we were in Flagstaff last year – at the time it was only $20! We haven’t used it since then because we have been visiting state and local parks this summer. But it is a good deal. I haven’t gotten one myself because the pass includes everyone in the car. It is not only a great way to gain entry into our beautiful national parks and forests, but it also supports the parks as well. Thanks for sharing this info with all. It’s a good deal for our seniors and for our nation.

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