Grow wildflowers and mow less!

Do you dislike mowing the yard? Do what we do and let your yard go wild. We plant wildflowers in our side yard and it’s a colorsplash of bee-attracting flowers!

Wildflower garden

9 thoughts on “Grow wildflowers and mow less!

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  1. That looks beautiful. Our backyard is very steep and hard to mow. I planted a ground cover several years ago and now it covers the upper 20% of the backyard, the steepest part, and it blooms with a small white flower in the spring–very pretty and fragile looking. As for the rest of the yard that we hate to mow, we hired a guy to do it! (plus he trims and cuts our hedge row which is about 7′ now) Jeff is a jewel!

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    1. Pam – I work from home a couple of days each week and I noticed that a few of my neighbors routinely rely on hired help to care for their yards. An even higher percentage (more than half) use house cleaning services!


  2. Well,,..after the death of my husband, my thought was to find a small town home to move into so there would be less outside maintenance for me……..little did I know I’d be drawn instead to a single dwelling on 3+ acres! There is a good portion of it already overgrown which I like. The lawn part is bigger then I wanted in terms of cutting, especially since all I had was an old school push mower which proved not to be able to keep up with managing it. While out of town visiting friends, I mentioned my dilemma and she suggested just what your post suggests…when I came home and walked my property though I knew I’d not be able to do it….I love the overgrowth where it is and I love the neatness of keeping the lawn cut…and it’s also partly for safety as well….copperheads abound here…..doesn’t mean I won’t try it in a small area someday 😊

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  3. I got rid of our lawnmower years ago and have never looked back. Are those Shasta Daisies in the back, here? Their legginess drives me up the wall sometimes but it has become an annual ritual of mine to reseed them anywhere I see bare dirt. They are beautiful on their own but they also make outstanding placeholders. And I’ve given boxes of seeds away to neighbors! My real standby along with a handful of certain flowers has been a beautiful, tall fountain grass.

    Your site looks great, Louise. I like the changes.

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    1. Hi, Jason! We have parted with the lawnmower but we’ve reduced its use. You do indeed spot Shasta Daisies. The daisies are well established, as are poppies. I often have to stop the poppies from encroaching in other areas. Glad you like the refresh of my blog and I hope you’re having a good summer.


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