Hing Hay Park

Hing Hay Park

Hing Hay Park appeals to me in so many ways. A fusion of languages. East meets West. Old World merges with New World. Active and passive space. Welcoming.

Having grown up with two cultures–Japanese and American–this park is special to me. I see faces that remind me of my mother, her family and friends. I hear many languages spoken: Chinese, Japanese and English, to name a few. I catch the smells of mouth-watering Asian dishes from nearby eateries.

Located in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District, this vibrant public space welcomes everyone. I watch a couple of Chinese men play a competitive game of ping-pong. A few Asian elders seek the cool shade of the pagoda. Young travelers staying at the nearby hostel play a game of chess. Families sit at cafe tables to eat a quick bite and check their texts and social media feeds. A homeless man rests quietly on a bench.

This is my place in the world.

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  1. One of my boys had his last birthday party in this park (and it made a nice break from the intensity of the Pinball Museum)! Thanks for sharing why this space is important to you. I hope this finds you doing well and your ankle healed up for a backpack or two this summer, Louise.


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