Finding inspiration

Need some inspiration? Look down at your feet.


While exploring nooks and crannies in my Seattle neighborhood, I recently discovered this mosaic gem in a nearby pocket park. Its rich colors and uncomplicated design captured my attention and I had to photograph it.

We are surrounded by inspiration if we look for it. Look up. Look down. Inhale deeply. Listen. Where do you find your inspiration?

8 thoughts on “Finding inspiration

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  1. This is inspiring. I will practice this from now on. I find my inspiration in the outdoors….by the way…love your footwear. We have similar taste in shoes. 🙂

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  2. I’m greatly inspired by my writer’s group, Writer’s Helping Writers. We are entering our 12th year together. There are seven of us. The oldest is 81 who has published 10 books, what I call the “real” way–using an agent and finding a publisher. I was lucky enough to find a publisher on my own through an editor I hired to read my manuscript. I’m also inspired by my grandchildren who love to read. We’ve had some interesting conversations about Cosmos and Neil de Grasse Tyson lately.

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    1. Your writing group sounds cool, Pam. I have another friend who is also involved with a writing group and she draws a lot of inspiration from them as well. I enjoyed reading your book Postcards Along the Way. It’s sitting on our reading table in the living room!


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