Work is where my laptop is

I’m employed as a communications specialist by a large human services organization. Each week, I spend a day or two working in a field office with program staff and a day at our administrative office. At both locations, I share desk space with other staff and I’m not actually in an office (imagine a cubicle in a hallway or open area).

img_2571My employer provides me with a laptop and a cell phone allowance, so I work remotely the balance of my time. That means I usually work at home, but I also spend time working at program sites and coffee shops.

I think of myself as a work nomad, an in-between who is routinely exposed to different organizational cultures within the agency but not embedded in them. I often miss office politics (fine by me) but I also miss office rituals like birthday and anniversary celebrations.

My work routine isn’t for everyone, but it works for me. Spending a couple of days in offices gives me needed face time with staff. Working remotely gives me more flexibility with my schedule and reduces interruptions, but it requires me to manage my projects and work closely.

Another advantage to working at home is that I can locate my work space to suit me. I tend to work in the kitchen at a tall table. This allows me to stand or sit. I also have a nice view into my yard.

Now it’s your turn. What is your work space like?

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