Turn your face to the sun

Turn your face to the sun

I recently spent a week backpacking in a remote region of the Washington Cascades. My hiking partner and I were on the trail for three days before we encountered another soul. Now that’s some solitude.

We rose each morning and looked eastward for the sun. There were wildfires burning north of us in Canada and sometimes our early sunshine was smoke-hazy. On this particular morning, the last day of our trip, Steve faced the sun and saluted it with this yoga pose.

Meeting nature on her terms can be a humbling experience. I am reminded how small I am in the world and how vulnerable we humans are in a wild, natural environment. But immersing myself in this wild place is also renewing and uplifting. Time spent in the great outdoors clears my head and nourishes my spirit.

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  1. With anecdotal lamentations about loss of peace and quiet in the Washington Cascades in these latter days (a song played for years) on the rise, passages like this are nice to read. And now let’s get ready to cover our faces……. more smoke on the way down into the lowlands. You’ll have some pretty sunsets in West Seattle, for sure. I feel lucky to have squeezed in a week of blue skies over in the Olympics, last week.


    1. So true about the smoke! Yesterday evening, I could see the smoke from the Diamond Creek fire in the North Cascades and the Jolly Mountain fire near Cle Elum from Lake Washington. Today I watched the Olympics disappear into the smoke. Glad to hear you had a nice trip over there!


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