Bike up!

Fremont Bridge

In urban, traffic-gridlocked Seattle many folks (me included) often opt to move around the city by bike.

The Fremont Bridge, a drawbridge spanning the Lake Washington Ship Canal, is a bicycle thoroughfare. It links Fremont and other North Seattle neighborhoods to Queen Anne, South Lake Union and downtown. It connects the Burke-Gilman Trail, which parallels the waterway’s north shoreline, to the South Ship Canal and South Lake Union Trails on the other side.

Yesterday there were 4,525 bike trips across the Fremont Bridge. Yes, you read that number correctly. In 2016, people on bikes crossed this bridge 981,908 times. That’s nearly a million bike trips across this bridge!

Data from Seattle Fremont Bridge Bike Counter.

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  1. I really want to get a bike but I’m afraid. I haven’t been in a bike since I was a child. Japanese drivers aren’t well known for their courtesy towards bikers or pedestrians… I know several people who have been hit riding bikes. I’m inspired by others who do ride bikes!

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      1. We live in the countryside- very narrow roads, blind corners…. Just last month a 40 year old man was hit and killed down the road. Here- definitely not safe.


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