5 Reasons to #OptOutside


The fitness industry must be booming. There are six fitness facilities within a mile of my home–more if you include yoga, martial arts, and other specialty studios.

I’m glad that people care about their health and well being, but I don’t relate to going to the gym for a workout. Why spend time indoors spinning on a stationary bike when I can be outdoors exploring roads like this one?

I’ll share my 5 reasons to #optoutside:

  1. Variety. I can change up the scenery, terrain and duration simply by varying my travel route. My ride can be at dawn, at night, or anytime in between. I can ride rain or shine, on streets or trails, or in urban or rural environments. I can do all of this walking on my two feet as well.
  2. Time. The beauty of biking and walking is that it’s active living. I don’t have to carve out special time to do these things. Walking the dog, biking to work, jogging to do errands are examples of active living–daily tasks that incorporate physical activity. I am free to allocate my time to other pursuits rather than going to the gym.
  3. Money. Joining a gym or signing up for a fitness program costs money–sometimes a lot of money. I’d rather spend my extra dollars on travel, a night out with friends, or adding to my yarn stash.
  4. Accessibility. Almost everyone can walk or bike. Most of us can do it from our door step and it’s affordable. Neighborhood sidewalks and streets that take you to local parks, shops and libraries are enough to get you started.
  5. Nature. There’s a growing body of evidence that spending time outdoors is good for our health. That walk in the park or bike ride on a trail reduces my stress and mental fatigue, among other benefits.

Ok, now it’s your turn. Do you #optoutside? What are your reasons for doing so?


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons to #OptOutside

Add yours

  1. I used to log thousands of miles per year on two wheels. Having children lowered that on my priority list. Lately I’ve been running, and now walking. I never take the same route twice, and I always try to walk on the sunny side of the street. Cheesy as it sounds, it’s entirely true. #optoutside


  2. I agree. Recently though I joined an “old farts gym” here in our rural area. I joined because of the pool. Our weather here is not always the best for outdoor activity. Right now it’s summer and the Japanese summers are brutal….I’ve never felt such intense heat and humidity-not easy for older folks to tolerate for very long. Our roads are also very narrow-most are just wide enough for 2 cars to barely squeeze past each other with about two inches between them- really! Walking or biking can be really dangerous. People do not slow down for pedestrians. It’s a major gripe I have here…hence the old farts gym.


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