The Robin Gets the Worm

Spring Robin by Roger Guitard

If the early bird catches the worm then the ubiquitous robin is the winner.

You ask how do I know this? For several weeks, I have been awakened before 4am to the cheerful song of the redbreast greeting a new day. And the robin isn’t content being the early bird. This happy songbird chirps late into the evening as well.

As a kid growing up in Ohio, the migratory robin was an early harbinger of spring. The bird often returned to my neighborhood before the snow had melted. Conversely, its disappearance in late summer was my indicator that fall and winter were on its way.

In Seattle, the robin is my year-round companion. It’s a frequent visitor to the bird bath in my north yard, joyfully splashing in the pool of water and leaving a feathery mess. Robin is also fond of the garden for its culinary worm and insect delights. Yum!

Since I treasure these extra hours of seasonal daylight, I don’t begrudge my robin friend for waking me up to the pre-dawn light. In my book, this bird has earned its worm.

What are your thoughts on the robin?

4 thoughts on “The Robin Gets the Worm

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  1. Growing up as I did near the wintry shores of Lake Michigan, the Robin was always a most welcome Springtime ambassador. I always enjoy watching them in our yard, they especially like upturning the woodchips in our cedar bark path presumably in search of insects. Sometimes you would think a squirrel had gone through there are so many little scattered mounds!

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