Alki low tide (2)

You can usually find me in the mountains on a warm sunny weekend, but not this past one. Home projects kept me in town. I took a break from house painting Sunday afternoon to explore Alki beach at low tide.

Sunday’s low tide at Alki was -3.2 feet, making it possible to walk around the lighthouse point, peek into tide pools and discover aquatic gems usually hidden by Puget Sound waters. It’s a reminder that some of the best things in life are right in my neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “Low Tide at Alki

  1. Tyrannosaurus Fir

    Do you think you noticed more starfish yesterday, compared to the past year or two? I feel like they are starting to come back a little bit from the wasting disease in some areas that I typically visit, but my evidence is only personal and anecdotal. I love exploring Alki at low tide. By the time we got there much later in the afternoon, the tide had come in and the weekend crowd was cozier than usual on the beach, lol!

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    1. louise_inbtween Post author

      It was definitely a beach party on Alki yesterday, but more mellow around the point. Interesting question about the starfish. I saw fewer of them in the vicinity of the lighthouse than past years and I didn’t see the variety that I’ve seen in the past. The starfish that I did see looked healthy.

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