At Home in Nature

My house is my home and serves me adequately as a refuge, but it’s a fabricated structure surrounded by a built environment. It sometimes lacks the succor I need to feel nourished in my world. This is when I return to nature.

Nature is my true home. It’s my sanctuary from the rigors of life, a place to reflect, find balance and renew my spirit. It’s where my heart sings.Old growth

A quick touch with nature may be tending the garden or watching chickadees visit the birdbath. It can be a walk through a nearby urban forest or a stroll along the Seattle waterfront at low tide. These things certainly contribute to my sense of well being and I value them.

But eventually I need a meaningful encounter with nature. I need to go into the wild.

These home visits might be for a day, like a ski to explore nature’s winter landscape or a hike to a mountain meadow. Sometimes it’s an overnight stay at an alpine lake or pitching a tent among the tall timbers of an old growth forest. When I’m really lucky, it’s a multi-day backpack deep into the wilderness.

All visits with nature, regardless of length, are enriching and rejuvenating. They renew the song in my heart and help me embrace the day!


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