Rescued by the Cat

Itty-Bitty-KittyMeet rescue cat Itty Bitty Kitty. We adopted her in late 2014 from Friends of the Animals Foundation (FAF), a Seattle nonprofit organization that specializes in the rescue, care and placement of homeless and unwanted cats.

Itty spent most of her first month in our home hiding in the spare bedroom or secreting herself in dark nooks and cubbyholes in the basement. The diminishing kibbles in her food bowl was the telltale sign that she emerged from hiding.

We patiently waited for Itty Bitty Kitty to join our family and our patience finally paid off one evening when she crept timidly to the doorway of the spare bedroom and warily watched us. Any loud noise or sudden movement drove her back into hiding but, as weeks progressed, she spent more time in our presence interacting with us. Our little rescue kitty was becoming our feline companion!

Last summer, Itty came to my rescue. I had surgery to repair a broken ankle and spent weeks at home recovering. Itty Bitty entertained me with her playful antics, kept me company during those many hours at home alone, and encouragingly watched me as I struggled through my early physical therapy exercises.

Our kitty remains shy and elusive to visitors but she is present and affectionate with us. I am honored that Itty Bitty has become an active member of our household. She is a treasure!

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