Why I’m a Seahawks Fan

The Seattle Seahawks eked out a playoff win against the Minnesota Vikings yesterday! That’s great news for me and other 12s. They advance to play the Carolina Panthers this coming Sunday.

You didn’t know I am a Seahawks fan? Don’t feel bad. Most of my friends aren’t aware of this either. I don’t celebrate Blue Friday. I once made the casual observation that player #12 for the Hawks must be really popular because lots of people displayed his number on their vehicles and their houses. A couple of years ago I ignorantly asked, “What is beast mode?”

When it comes to the NFL playoff season, I am clearly in the Seahawks camp. Let me give you a few reasons why. While thousands of 12s gather around the big screen on game day to cheer for the Hawks,

  1. I head to the mountains for some uncrowded skiing. Lift lines are practically non-existent and ski runs are largely untracked.
  2. Light street traffic makes it the perfect time for an urban bike ride.
  3. I can get in an out of my local grocery store in record time during the game.

Ok, you get the idea. I’m not your typical Seahawks fan. I have other reasons for wanting them to win but, like the 12s, I do want them to win. I will be cheering them on to another victory this Sunday as I enjoy a local trail or ski hill. #GoHawks


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