Flora’s Mixing Bowl

Today is Valentine's Day and I want to share a story about love. I love pie. My partner Steve loves pie and he bakes them exquisitely. I also love Steve. But this story of love can be traced back to the mixing bowl in the photograph. This old bowl belonged to Steve's grandma Flora. She... Continue Reading →


Last Ride on the Viaduct

It was a dark, rainy morning commute riding the bus into downtown. A pretty typical winter commute in Seattle--except for one thing. It was my last ride on the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Last night Washington State Department of Transportation closed the venerable structure forever and soon it will be torn down. How I navigate this... Continue Reading →

Today I picked the last of the green beans off the vine. It's the latest harvest of beans we have had from our garden. Ever. We've been blessed with some amazing garden harvests this year. We picked a record number of tomatoes that we will enjoy into next spring. This year's bean crop is right... Continue Reading →

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