Bhangra till you drop

Move over, hip-hop. It's time to Bhangra. Thanks to the popularity of Bollywood films (Indian Hindi-language movies), we're witnessing the rise of Bhangra and Bollywood dancing at weddings, dances and other social events. Bhangra is a traditional folkdance from the Punjab region. Its lively beat and catchy movements make it fun to do. Bollywood dancing... Continue Reading →


Often, it's the small things in life that are the sweetest. Like my neighbor's furbaby kitten. Or a chance encounter in the supermarket checkout line with a former colleague I haven't seen in 10+ years. There's also the quiet afternoon of reading on a rainy day. Or a spontaneous happy hour date with my sweetie.... Continue Reading →

Hing Hay Park appeals to me in so many ways. A fusion of languages. East meets West. Old World merges with New World. Active and passive space. Welcoming. Having grown up with two cultures--Japanese and American--this park is special to me. I see faces that remind me of my mother, her family and friends. I... Continue Reading →

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